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co-op shopper online store

Feeding Families and Entrepreneurial Spirits 

Co-Op Shopper is all about providing business owners and entrepreneurial spirits an opportunity to offer online sales featuring Costco grocery items for pickup or delivery. 

How and Why Co-Op Shopper Stores  Work

Co-Op Shopper stores are independent of Costcos API (Application Programming Interface) with their own product database. This "independence" allows Co-Op Shopper to share its unique platform with others looking to offer Costco grocery shopping online within a variety of business opportunities.

Costco grocery items sold on Instacart in 2019 made up 24% of sales with a markup near 20%, plus an additional service fee of 5-7%. Customers near Costco locations paying the extra amount, plus shoppers willing to travel an hour or more to shop at Costco, says this is a business opportunity worth looking into. Instacart markups are potential profits and when you include another 4% for Costco Executive membership coupled with the Visa card is icing on the cake.  

No credit card needed

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