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Reduce Sticker Shock at Checkout

Organize Grocery Shopping and Save

Costco is all about shopping bulk and multipack items that provide the best value, however, can be challenging with price, volume, and all too often, waste. Organizing Costco shopping trips with family and friends is easy to do with Co-Op Shopper when knowing what to expect at checkout.

Drive-through Groceries

How it Works

Co-Op Shopper is not your typical online grocery store. Our store, rather than selling items, emails you a free grocery list at checkout from items you've selected, complete with in-store price, image, and SKU.


Know Before You Go



Savings are only realized when food is not wasted. Studies show bulk warehouse shoppers waste a higher percentage as "impulse" buying leads to purchasing more than needed. Sharing the cost with others eliminates waste and maximizes spending.


Form a group shopping program with family and friends that divides items into portions that work best for everyone. The Co-Op Shopper grocery organizer prices each item by portions and totals the proper amount so everyone pays their fare share. 

If You Like Shopping Costco - You'll Love Co-Op Shopper

Pro Shoppers - Here's Your Opportunity

"Gig" workers looking for a new side hustle can open their businesses by offering a better price and setting themselves apart with a personal touch. We provide an online presence and free listing on our website where shoppers are looking for services like yours.

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