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Open Your Grocery Shopping Business 


Are Prices the Same as In-Store Pricing?

Co-Op Shopper is located in northern Utah and the pricing displayed is gathered from Costco stores in our area. For the most part, pricing is close throughout the contiguous United States. We constantly monitor pricing and update stores accordingly.  

Can I Offer Other than Costco Grocery Items?

Items offered in your online store are those available at the Costco you will shop.  We do our best to monitor store prices and availability and make the necessary changes. It is best to stay with Costco grocery items as they are less likely to be returned.

How Many Costco Grocery Items Are Listed?

Currently, the Co-Op Shopper store includes over 1,000 Costo grocery items and is growing. Products displayed are "staple" grocery items available in most US locations. 

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