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The Answers You Need

What if I am not satisfied with Co-Op Shopper?

Your satisfaction is my goal and if for some reason your Shopper site does not meet your expectations, there is no binding contract or commitment. I encourage everyone prior to moving forward with their own site to utilize the free shopper program to begin. 

Are there any benefits for first-time customers?

Absolutely. Co-Op Shopper is offering early participants plans that are commission-free with a 35% reduction on setup fees. Most importantly, there is a very limited amount of Shopper Microsites that will be built during the first year. Co-Op Shopper is the first and only website builder of its' kind and space will fill quickly.

Can I shop at Costco and other stores in my area?

You can shop at any store(s) store you like. I am biased towards Costco as I worked in many of the stores and feel they provide the best value and highest potential profit for professional shoppers. Including a link to your Instagram account and adding items for split purchase shopping is a great way to build your customer base and increase profit.

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