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Open Your Grocery Shopping Business 


Are Prices the Same as In-Store Pricing?

Co-Op Shopper is located in northern Utah and the pricing displayed is gathered from Costco stores in our area. For the most part, pricing is close throughout the contiguous United States. We constantly monitor pricing and update stores accordingly.  

Can I Offer Other than Costco Grocery Items?

Items offered in your online store are those available at the Costco you will shop.  We do our best to monitor store prices and availability and make the necessary changes. It is best to stay with Costco grocery items as they are less likely to be returned.

How Many Costco Grocery Items Are Listed?

Currently, the Co-Op Shopper store includes over 1,000 Costo grocery items and is growing. Products displayed are "staple" grocery items available in most US locations. 

  • Will pricing go up after Phase 1 is completed?
    Phase 1 participants will always enjoy the low platform fee and setup cost currently offered. My hope is to keep pricing the same and Phase 1 will be the test.
  • Do my customers go through checkout and pay for all the items selected?
    No, you choose a percentage of the total shopping amount as a deposit that is charged at checkout. Upon completion of shopping the customer is invoiced the balance due amount, which includes your shopping fee, sales tax, and credit card processing fee. Each store owner is provided a Co-Op Shopper Microsite that allows visitors to include a tip when invoiced.
  • Can store visitors order Costco grocery items not listed?
    Yes, each store includes a grocery list builder for visitors to shop Costco groceries on Instacart. The "Co-Op Shopper List Builder" allows up to thirty items and automatically adjusts pricing to Costco in-store prices. View a sample list builder here >
  • Is there a limit to how far away I can be from a Costco store?
    No, that is totally up to you. Areas that do not have Costco or grocery delivery service are prime locations.
  • Is my Co-Op Shopper Website secure?
    Yes. Co-Op Shopper websites include the HTTPS and SSL protocols, which ensure that communication between your site visitors and you is secure. Any data traveling between visitor servers and your website is encrypted, so it's always a safe browsing experience. Co-Op Shopper websites are Level 1 PCI DSS ( Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) compliant.
  • Will stores be available in other parts of the country?
    Yes. We hope to move east as we grow. Possibly by early 2024.
  • Can Costco items be returned?
    Costco has a very liberal return policy, however, items purchased by you for others may be considered "third-party" which could void their return policy. Your store's return policy should state this and it is up to you to make sure the items you purchase are not outdated or damaged.
  • Which Costco membership is the best?
    If you are beginning your business, I suggest the basic membership which at this time costs $60 per year. The Executive membership will give you 2% back on each purchase. If you include the Visa card that connects to your Costco account, you get an additional 2% on each grocery purchase. For current information, including business memberships, please consult your local Costco or visit their website.
  • Can I offer discounts to specific customers?
    Yes, you can easily include coupons that deduct a dollar amount, or percentage of sale. You can set the date available, duration and how many you would like to offer. Additionally, your Co-Op Shopper list builder can be set up to allow discounts by providing the coupon code in the "Login" box located at the bottom right of the form. Test the Login box typing - Level 1 or Level 2
  • Will I be able to collect tips for my services?
    Absolutely! The option to tip can be done with each of the two Co-Op Shopper Microsites included with your store. The first is a link presented at the checkout which can also be included when invoicing. The second option is with the list builder prior to submitting the list. Sample Shopper Microsite for tipping.
  • How long will it take to build my store?
    Depending on workload and added features, stores usually take 1-2 weeks and include one-on-one meetings via Zoom, and/or phone.
  • Can I open a store in Wyoming even though there are no Costco locations?
    Yes, the Salt Lake City Costco would be available to shop for those interested in opening a store near the western portion of Wyoming. Travel distance to shop is not limited.
  • Do I have access to my store's website?
    Store owners have access as the "store manager" for viewing orders, sending invoices, and setting up coupons. Co-Op Shopper adds products that are available in most Western Costco locations to your store.
  • Does Co-Op Shopper help with marketing?
    Absolutely. Stores have a variety of features to assist with marketing such as email campaigns, coupons, and more. Store setup includes SEO to help get your website found.
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