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Can an item purchased by my shoppers be returned?

Depends on the store. Costco has a very liberal return policy, however, items purchased by your shoppers are considered "third party" which voids their return policy. Keeping your store focused on groceries has much less chance of shoppers wanting to return items. If an item has not been delivered, and you realize a problem, the item is yours and should fall within their return policy.

Are Co-Op Shopper Microsites secure?

Yes. Microsites are 256-bit encrypted. You will notice the URL starts with "https" rather than "http" meaning it is secure.

Can I have my own domain name?

Each Co-Op Shopper Microsite includes a unique URL. For those that prefer their own domain, I will construct a website that includes the Co-Op Shopper app.

Can I embed the Microsite on my own website?

Yes. JavaScript embed codes are available. However, Microsites display better if on their own. Depending on the Microsite size, they could lock-up the embedded page.

Will my pricing change after I sign up?

No. Early participants will continue to enjoy introductory pricing if there is no plan disruption.

Can I add an FAQ section to my Microsite?

Yes. Create your FAQ in Microsoft Word and include it at setup, or as a feature added later.

Can Microsites be in a different language?

Yes. Microsites can include up to six languages. Pricing depends on the size of your Microsite. It is best if you provide the translation as I use Google Translate which is not always accurate.

Instacart does not accept my zip code. How do I log in?

Instacart is limited to a select number of metropolitan areas in United States and Canada. Set the zip code to an area such as Salt Lake City (84115) and provide them your email. Not to worry as you are not committing to anything other than allowing them to send you an occasional email.

How long does it take to get my Microsite?

Depending on my workload and complexity of your Microsite, usually within one week. Be sure to have your Square or PayPal payment processor ready to go prior to requesting your Microsite. There will be a limited number of Microsites available as I am a single owner-operator building each one.

What store items can be split?

If you are shopping for a group and have coordinated your purchases with them, pretty much anything you like can be split. I suggest setting up an Instagram store and posting photos of multipack items that are often purchased. Be aware that you will be purchasing the balance of what they do not buy. Therefore, limit split items to those that can be easily stored and include packaging information. If you like, I can include a factor that increases the price of the item if split.

How many people can I take shopping with me at Costco?

Costco policy allows up to two non-members that can shop with you. Your "guests" could shop with you and purchase items they like with your Microsite and reimburse you prior to checking out at the register.

Do people shopping on my site need a membership with Costco or Sams Club?

No. You will need to have the membership and you will be shopping for them.

Is the setup fee refundable?

No. Setup is straightforward with the template design and using the information you have provided. If a mistake is made on my part, it will be corrected at my expense. If you would like to make changes, that will be an additional charge depending on the changes made. Please be sure the Co-Op Shopper Microsite is a program you will want.

What does the Microsite setup fee cover?

The standard setup fee includes a brief overview of you and your services. It also allows for one image next to the text area, connecting your payment processor and setting up your "Special Tax" rate in the app. Custom Microsite setup allows you to include additional features with the setup form displaying your Microsite setup fee as features are added. Once your Microsite setup is submitted and paid, your site URL is emailed you.

Is there an age requirement?

I do require the participant be 18 years of age or older. This is also the age requirement for setting up your payment processor account.

Can I block someone from buying in my store?

Yes. Your Microsite is capable of blocking those you do not want having access to your site. Contact me and request a specific IP address not have access. As this takes some additional time on my part, there is a $7 fee for the initial setup and $2 for each additional IP address blocked.

When will I get a bill?

Billing is monthly for the base hosting fee plus transactions. The end of the monthly billing cycle is the date your Microsite was completed, and URL sent you. Invoices are sent the following business day and due and within two days to avoid interruption. Learn more here.

Can I include a link to other than Instacart?

Yes. You can link any online store(s) you like.

Can the number of people visiting my Microsite be tracked?

Yes, I can provide a custom URL that tracks visitors and activity. This is an option available on setup. If you have a Google Analytics account, I can embed the code within your Microsite which allows you to track your sites traffic.

What can I include on my Microsite?

Your Microsite is your store to sell anything you like. That said, I do require that items or services sold are not breaking the law. If so, your Microsite will be terminated.

How do I determine the right "Special Services Tax"?

The special tax should include the item sales tax and payment processor fee. As an example in the Salt Lake City Costco, tax on food items is approximately 3.75% and nonfood 7.75%. Payment processing is near 3% and the Co-Op Shopper transaction fee is 1% after the first $2,500 each month. Therefore, I suggest the "Special Tax" 7.95% as mostly food items would be purchased.

Can I set my own pricing?

Yes. As a matter of fact, you can set any number of price levels within your store. This feature allows you offer special clients unique pricing, even Costco in-store pricing, by giving them a code number set by you. The discount will be applied when they enter the code.

Do you build websites other than the In-Form Microsite?

I do offer additional website design services for those looking to build a more robust site that can include full e-commerce. Websites are built on Wix and allow you 24/7 access for you, or anyone you choose to make changes. This feature is available only to current In-Form site participants with monthly sales over 10K.

Do I get to keep the Microsites photo images if I leave the program?

No. Images displayed are professional images offered on Adobe Stock that I purchase the standard license for each site. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, images remain with the site if you leave and are subject to the Adobe Stock guidelines.

Is Co-Op Shopper affiliated with Costco?

No. Co-Op Shopper is not affiliated with Costco, Sams Club, Instacart. It was developed and is owned by Art Duy.

Can I have more than a single webpage on Co-Op Shopper?

No. Only a single page is allowed with some limits on content and functions. That said, I will build a e-commerce website with a domain of your choice. Contact me for a quote or schedule a free interview to discuss your needs. Please complete the interview form provided prior to scheduliing.

Unanswered questions? Please let me know and I will do my best to accommodate.

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