Delivery Driver

Feeding Families and Entrepreneurial Spirits 

Co-Op Shopper is all about providing an online grocery delivery platform that gives "Gig" workers complete control of setting up their own businesses. This group has the inner drive to step out on their own, only to fall prey to large tech companies that reap the rewards of their hard labor, stifle creativity and keep them in constant fear of "deactivation".

How and Why it Works

With the increased demand for grocery delivery, and Instacarts markup on membership stores such as Costco and Sams Club, Co-Op Shopper founder Art Duy saw an opportunity for gig workers to make the money they deserve. The concept is very simple; gig workers design their own online order form where clients choose items from stores Instacart services. Items added to their order form adjust in price to whatever the form owner would like. Co-Op Shopper is commission-free and does require additional fees to be added to the gig workers' platform.


Art Duy

Owner/Founder Co-Op Shopper

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About Me

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Retired and enjoy helping others set up their online business. That said, at this time I will only be offering to build and manage a limited number of Co-Op Shopper and In-Form Microsites. 

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