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Open Your Store Offering Costco Groceries

Membership store Costco offers the best opportunities for business development with the Co-Op Shopper platform. Bulk and multi-packaging provide the best value, however, with challenges;  potential for waste, membership fees, and overspending. The Co-Op Shopper platform addresses all of these issues...

How and Why It Works

Co-Op Shopper stores are custom-built for each owner starting with over 850 Costco items found at most locations. Shoppers visiting your store select the items they would like you to purchase at your nearby Costco.  As the store owner, you have the option to collect payment at checkout or invoice them for a deposit set by you (deposits make it easier if items are not available). With Co-Op Shopper websites, invoicing, adding items, adjusting prices, and viewing past and current orders can all be done with your mobile app.

Pro Shoppers interested in getting out on their own and not yet ready for a store of their own can utilize our sister website,, connecting them with clients in their area. Pro shoppers take payments and schedule online with a custom-built In-form Microsite. 

Limited Participation

Jump in on the ground floor with a Co-Op Shopper store as space is limited to a select group of applicants and those invited.


  • Business owners with brick'n mortar location or food truck/trailer.

  • Located in the United States or Canada with a Costco membership.

  • Requries travel to nearby Costco(s) for shopping.

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