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Start Your Own Online Grocery Shopping and Delivery Service

How it Works

  • Choose a pro shopper template you like.

  • Sign up for a payment processor such as Square or PayPal.

  • My no-hassle setup form provides me the details needed to start. No login required.

  • Build your clientele starting with family and friends. Pro shoppers have the option to list their services on my upcoming locator map.

  • 60% deposit to start, balance on completion. Microsites, depending on complexity, are usually ready within two business days. View 

Why it Works

  • Professional shoppers keep 100% of profits, less payment processor fee.

  • Unlike other professional driving and delivery services, you are in total control of your business.

  • This is an "essential service" that service that you provide. It could possibly qualify for that designation in your area?

  • There are no commitments or contracts required. You can continue once our crisis is over, or stop anytime you like.

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Online Grocery Retailers Make it Easy

Your online grocery ordering form allows shoppers to send you their prepaid list from items offered by grocery retailers selling online. The Co-Op Shopper order form has a variety of features for creating a platform that meets your needs.

Open Your Own Business or Shop for Family and Friends

Limited Participation - Introductory Pricing


Shop professionally and provide an essential service to those in need. Co-Op Shopper Microsites take payments online and schedule pickup or delivery. Easy setup only requiring a payment processor with Square or PayPal. Limited availability built on a first-come-first-serve basis. 

  • SSL secure

  • Personal URL

  • 0% commission​

  • PDF shopping lists

  • 24/7 activity database

  • Unlimited online sales

  • Monthly transaction reports 

Built for you:


No Contract, Rules or Regulations
Limited Participation

Co-Op Shopper 



 1.5% transaction fee 
Billed monthly

Pro Shopper Microsites Include:​

  • ​Microsite hosting

  • Take payments online

  • Home section image

  • Home section text area

  • Custom "special tax" setup

  • Delivery/pickup scheduling 

  • Link any grocery retailer website  

  • Internal transaction database - 24/7 access

Configured for Viewing on All Devices

Advanced Co-Op Shopper - Shopping - Delivery - Shuttle

Microsites can include features found in websites costing thousands of dollars. Advanced sites require a bit of planning which start with a free consultation. The example below is built for you: $195. 

Standard Microsite features plus:

  • ​Delivery / Shuttle service scheduling

  • Business hours - service area map

  • Include a tip - offered at checkout

  • Set up minimum purchase requirements

  • Three testimonials and CTA (call to action) banners


Q. - Who runs Co-Op Shopper?

A. - Co-Op Shopper is a single owner-operator business located in Salt Lake City, Utah. The founder, Art Duy, builds each Microsite and offers consultation for custom Microsite development.

Q. - Does Co-Op Shopper build standard websites?

A. - At this time no. I've built websites for a number of years on Wix and Wordpress but currently, work by myself and do not have the time. My focus is on the Co-Op Shopper Microsites built on a first-come-first-serve basis

Q. - Are Microsites available for other than food sales?

A. - Yes. I originally developed the Microsite platform for the service industry, primarily the building trades. Please visit my website: 99WebsiteBuilder.com for additional information.

Q. - Do you offer consultation on Microsite setup?

A. - Yes, I provide a one-time free three-minute consultation, fifteen-minute consultation, and thirty-minute consultation. At this time, consultations are available from 3 pm to 5 pm Monday - Friday. 

Q. - Instacart is not available in my area. Can I still use their website to shop?

A. - Yes, Instacart is only available in larger metropolitan areas of the United States and Canada. You do not need a membership to access their website. When prompted for a location, provide a zipcode from a larger city such as Los Angeles, Salt Lake City or Seattle. Provide an email and you will be allowed to shop in their site.

Q. - Are Microsites secure?

A. - Yes. Microsites use 256-Bit Encryption which is one of the most secure methods of making sure your data is protected. All Microsites include this at no additional charge. You will notice the lock displayed next to your Microsite URL which means your site is secure.

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No Login Required - Free Consultation