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Be an Industry Leader with Advance Grocery Ordering

Life is Good - Co-Op Shopper Helps Makes it Better

Why leave money on the table and an opportunity to make vacationing even more memorable? Settting up your grocery store is easy to do, and costs a lot less than you may think.


Be the first to offer advance grocery ordering and stocking with your Co-Op Shopper store. Guests will appreciate the service with having more time for relaxation. Those with Internet service, particularly houseboat rentals, make boating even better by ordering from the comfort of your floating home. Have groceries delivered via speedboat or next-day pickup with a floating store near your marina? 

Offer Online Grocery Shopping Unlike Any Other

Co-Op Shopper custom builds each store with features that can include split item shopping and bundling. Each business owner has their idea of what it takes to be profitable, and how to best serve their clientele. 


Ramp Up Houseboating


There are few things worse than running out of "essentials" while out enjoying life and facing a long trip back to the store, or managing without. 

 As a resort owner, stocking expensive inventory is kept to a minimum as your guests have the luxury of ordering and paying in advance before arriving. For marinas, ptions to consider could be a floating store making it easy for "curbside pickup", or Waverunner deliveries. 


Add a Premier Service that Sets Your Business Apart


Co-Op Shopper online stores can make a difference when searching all the options vacation rental services provide.

  • Advance ordering for bulk packaged groceries.

  • For those with Internet service, grocery restocking with items either delivered or available for pickup and your location.

  • Vacationers get what they need by including our split-item purchasing feature.

Work with Local Pro Shoppers

Team up with local pro shoppers to deliver Costco items to your location. Keep cost low and profits high.

Store Setup

starting at:


  • Set your pricing

  • A variety of plans available

  • Start with over 850 Costco items 

Free consultation - schedule now >


Make it Seasonal

Co-Op Shopper stores include the option to close down during the off-season. Take a break from work and rest assured that your store is ready to go when you are.

Start Early as Vacationers are Looking

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