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Share the Benefits of Bulk Shopping

Open Your Online  Store in Any Community

Your Co-Op Shopper online supermarket includes all the features found on major grocers' websites. Stores are easily managed from your mobile phone setting pricing, adding products and reviewing orders.

  • offer gift cards

  • shopper rewards

  • take payments online

  • include tips for your service

  • shopper database & wishlist

  • coupons - special promotions

  • start with over 850 Costco products

Setup Starting at:



Open a Grocery Store for a Fraction of the Cost


Co-Op Shopper is an entirely different approach compared to conventional grocery store setup. You are an order-taker that gets paid in advance for items you sell. Costco is your warehouse that stocks your inventory.

  • Grocery pickup locations can be your own, or team up with a local brick'n mortar business.

  • Minimal equipment with easy workaround for handling refrigerated items.

  • Unlike most other smaller grocers, you're selling online.

No Inventory to Buy  

Grocery Shopping


Co-Op Shopper is Different

The Co-Op Shopper platform gives you complete control to create an online shopping experience tailored to your lifestyle. Unlike "gig" businesses, you no longer need to live in fear of being "deactivated" or deal with clientele that doesn't compensate you for your efforts.


Set Yourself Apart 

Step out and offer the type of service that lacks with tech companies that care little more than adding to their bottom line. You have the freedom of creativity to build your business to whatever fits your situation. Your hard work, going the extra mile, and implementing features available with Co-Op Shopper will set you apart and not go unrewarded. 

Local Family Business

Co-Op Shopper custom builds the shopping platform that works best for you with the only limitations being your imagination and what you put into it.

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