Co-Op Shopper Shuttle Service - Expand Your Business Or Start New

This is a great opportunity for even the smallest communities to enjoy the benefits of shopping warehouse stores. My Co-Op Shopper Shuttle app wraps two services into one; grocery delivery and shuttle.


As an example, communities within several hours of Salt Lake City can shop the largest Costco in the world with more than 4,000 additional items found in most other Costco stores. With the airport and Temple Square only minutes away, this an opportunity worth considering.

Independent Grocers and Startups

Grocers or startups in rural communities could lower food costs, offer a broader selection, and include shuttle service. Start with an SUV, pickup, or even your car. Covered trailers allow room for passengers and the ability to transport a larger amount of items.

Less inventory...

Co-Op Shopper changes how rural communities can shop and grocers can cut costs. Current wisdom is buying inventory that sits on shelves waiting to be purchased. Food waste can be significant and dig into your profit. You have to work harder, longer and keep prices high to make up the loss. 

...Start taking orders online

Your Microsite ordering form linking grocers such as Instacart can turn your business into an online ordering system requiring minimal overhead and inventory investment.  and including a much-needed shuttle service. Add grocery delivery and shuttling for a business that outperforms larger local retailers. 

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A Win-Win-Win 

  • You reduce waste, remove the guesswork of what shoppers will buy and cut operational cost.

  • Your community enjoys a broader food selection and the convenience of shuttling for essential services. 

  • Ridesharing helps reduce travel and supports our environment. 


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