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A Few Suggestions for Your New Business

Just saying...

It's your business and you choose how to run it.


I still like to provide a few suggestions to help you get started so that the experience is fun, and for business owners, profitable. 

My unique approach to online grocery shopping is the first of its kind and I look forward to all of us sharing ideas and growing together. 

Shop Costco

I have to admit I am biased when it comes to suggesting where to shop. In spite of their high membership fee, Costco is my choice, offering a large variety of bulk packaged items for even greater savings. Only one membership is needed to provide family members, neighbors, and friends the benefits of shopping warehouse retailers.


Set Up an Instagram Store 

Instagram is free and allows you to build your store selling items you like. While shopping, take photos of items and add them to Instagram with description, selling price and any comment you like, such as allowing it to be split. Be sure to include a second image (Instagram allows up to ten) of the ingredients and nutritional information. Instagram is your real-time information sharing platform keeping everyone up-to-date on specials and hot items. Create food categories with "Highlights" so shoppers can easily locate what they are looking for. Consider adding a "Hot Picks" category and let your group know in advance the day and time you are shopping. "Hot Picks" are items you see while shopping that may be on sale.

Be Selective About Clients

Unlike working as a shopper for others, be selective about whom you shop for. Good business is all about happy customers. Happy customers tip according to the service you provide and that's why owning your business can be rewarding.

Set Business Hours and Area

Set the hours that work best for you. Limit clientele to a radius around your favorite store. Consider scheduling days and times (post on Instagram) you service an area by quadrant.


You can also request purchases be made in advance for next day delivery. This allows you time to package food and choose the best route. Be sure to have enough room to refrigerate items overnight.

Shuttle and Shop

Pro shoppers in rural areas benefit from offering a shuttle service to cover the cost of travel for shopping bulk warehouse retailers. Offer an option to shop alongside you for an introduction to products available. Invite others in pairs (Costco allows members up to two guests) for a shopping event where they can split items.

Establish a Pickup Point

Small business owners or individuals in rural areas can benefit from the Co-Op Shopper shuttle program. Establish a pickup location where locals drop in to grab prepaid items. It does not need to be large or fancy, just appealing to the clientele you want shopping in your store. Be sure to check with local zoning regulations and rules regulating business activity. 

Establish a Routine

There are few things worse for a business than inconsistency, especially when it comes to food and transportation. Start with a realistic routine about what your service offers and post on social media for all to see. Consider Instagram as it is easily updated so your clientele stays informed. Run a business that meets or exceeds the standards you set and you are sure to gain "followers" and grow your business. 

Go the Extra Mile

Be sure to include some personality and creativity. Co-Op Shopper is all about the freedom and flexibility to make your service stand out. Individuals that do will be rewarded according to what they put into their business.