About "Units", Split Purchasing and "Special Tax"


Certain food items are "bulk" packaged containing two or more "units". Items that are not bulk packaged may also be split if coordinated within your group.

Splitting a Bulk Item:

Food item Kirkland Chicken Breast is a package of six "units". If splitting a specific item is offered in the Co-Op Shoppers Instagram store, enter the amount of "units" you will be purchasing in "Purchase Units" box as displayed in the image below (click to enlarge).


Units -

Splitting a Non-Bulk Item:

The item Kirkland Dental Chews has seventy-two "units" that if split, would be added to the sales form as shown below.

Co-Op Shopper - Taxes & Fees Paid 

Depending on location, sales tax your shopper pays varies. Salt Lake City, for instance, has a sales tax shopping at Costco of 3% for food items and 7.75% for non-food items. Along with sales tax, shoppers may also be paying additional fees. These fees are grouped together on the Co-Op Shoppers Microsite titled "Special Tax". 

Shopper Form "Special Tax" 



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