Expand Your Grocery Shopping

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Add Costco Items Not Listed On Our Website

How It Works

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Choose from hundreds of additional Costco items listed on Instacart for us to purchase with our grocery order form. As we are also shopping for others, sale items may not always be available, and  are limited to purchasing only one. Therefore, we encourage you to order early as sale items are on a first-come-first-serve basis.


We do have a few guidelines we would like you to follow that allows us to offer this service.

  • LImit shopping to categories we have on our website according to our policies.

  • Only select items you are familiar with. As we are shopping for others, Costco return policies may differ from those offered members. 

  • Items such as bottled water may not be included with your shopping list. See the full list here

  • Orders must be placed two business days in advance of pickup/delivery having the same payment/deposit policies as items offered on our website.

Include 100's of Costco Grocery Items Listed on Instacart