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empowering working professionals

Open Your Online Food Sales and Delivery Service

Co-Op Shopper brings grocery shopping and delivery to everyone, regardless of location. The most widely used online food shopping and delivery service, Instacart, makes it possible.

Unlike working for others, Co-Op shopper puts you in control.

Pro Microsite Setup:



  • You choose whom you shop for.

  • You choose when and where you shop.

  • You can build your business to any size you like.

  • You have total control over the items you sell and price.

Online Retailers Provide the Store

Your Pro Microsite directs shoppers to Instacart (partners with 300 plus retailers) to shop items that are added to your form. Instacart pricing averages 18% higher than in-store shopping, plus additional fees for a potential profit of over 20%. For those shopping Costco with Executive membership and the Citi Visa card, an additional 4% income is realized.

Make the Money You Deserve 

extra income

start a new career

Co-Op Shopper Can Make it Happen