Group Shop Costco Items with Family & Friends

Costcos bulk & multipacks offer the best value, however, can be challenging with price, volume, and waste. Our online grocery organizer meets the challenge by simplifying sharing the cost of grocery shopping with others.



Savings are only realized when food is not wasted. Studies show bulk warehouse shoppers waste a higher percentage as "impulse" buying leads to purchasing more than needed.


Warehouse bulk shopping offers lower pricing when comparing per-unit pricing. Jan's multipack order form allows items to be divided into portions that work best for you.

Costco Bulk & Multipack Items

Fruits and Vegetables

Get What You Need

Eliminate Waste - Enjoy the Savings

Jan’s innovative approach to online grocery shopping offers splitting specially selected Costco multipack items we've  purchased. You choose the portions that suit your needs and budget to ensure you ensure you get the best value. Our split item program helps reduce waste and gives you exactly what you want.

Don't Overspend

Lower the Cost of Grocery Shopping

Buying multipack items can result in “sticker shock” at the register and our split item shopping progrom eliminates the fear of overspending. We purchase the most essential multipack items and keep many on hand in our store for those last-minute grocery shopping needs.

Enjoy the Benefits of Costco Bulk Packaging with Family and Friends