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  • take payments online

  • set price & fees

  • when to shop

  • where to shop

  • what to sell

  • how to shop


Instacart, Doordash, and Uber Control the Money and You...

...maybe it's time to try something new. 
Grocery Shopping


Provide a Service with Personality

Unlike other professional shopping platforms, you have the ability to build your clientele by providing any number of personal touches. You have the freedom of creativity to build your business to whatever works best for you; including selecting whom you shop for. Your hard work, going the extra mile, and selecting the right clientele will not go unrewarded. 


Co-Op Shopper is Here to Help

No need to worry about losing your job over having a bad day, or taking a friend to help you shop. The list of petty issues big tech companies use to keep you in line is long, and unnerving. Co-Op Shopper is just the opposite with no rules, regulations, or commitments. I simply build your online ordering platform and you take it from there. And yes, I am here to give you friendly advice, if you like.

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Perfect Business While Raising a Family

Set the days and times that work best for you to shop. Unlike other shopping and delivery gigs, you are not being timed or regulated as to whom you take shopping. There are no rules, commitments, or requirements to open your store. It's your business and only limited by your imagination and what you put into it.

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Grocery Shop Professionally

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Co-Op Shopper offers professional shoppers two options of collecting a fee for services. Both options give you complete control of pricing and include two formats of tipping. 


Instacart pricing for most items at stores such as Costco and Sams Club is marked up approximately 20%, plus additional fees of 7% or more. That said, the following options are available to you for setting compensation for your services

Option 1 - Set prices to match in-store pricing and charge a fee based on units purchased.


Option 2 - Adjust price lower than Instacart and take the difference as your fee.

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Standard Features:

  • Home section 

  • Schedule pickup/delivery

  • Delivery area map 

  • Include tip

  • Set purchase requirements

  • SSL secure shopping 

  • Take payments online

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It's about money - It's about time

Jump in on the ground floor - Limited Participation
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Co-Op Shopper

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