A Game  Changer for Rural Markets

Offering to travel and shop Costco for others in your community will be a welcome surprise with a broader choice of food items. Along with groceries, Co-Op Shopper Microsites can include a variety of additional online ordering platforms that set you ahead of the competition.


Warehouse wholesalers, such as Costco, provide the best value with bulk and multipack items. For large families and resellers, the savings offset "sticker shock" often realized by others. Co-Op Shopper addresses this problem with split item shopping where everyone gets exactly what they need.


Instacart Makes it Easy

Instacart is an American technology company that operates same-day grocery delivery in over 300 stores in the United States and Canada, including membership wholesalers such as Costco and Sams Club. 

Instacart provides these stores an online sales format with, in the case of Costco, an approximately 20% markup. In addition, Instacart nonmembers are charged 5%. Instacart services are available only in metropolitan markets offering home delivery. These markups, in addition to Costco's 4% reward to executive members using the Citi card for purchases, make for profit margins worth the time and travel to shop for others.

Co-Op Shopper  In-Form Microsites Make it Happen

Until now, setting up online grocery sales was available only to large corporations, and those willing to give up a portion of their profits. Co-Op Shopper, thanks to Instacart, makes it easy for anyone to jump into the game and offer Costco items. I build your custom "Microsite" that allows users to send you payments in advance for items they order. Business owners in the community that has established a "trust" with clientele could easily incorporate another food-related service without the need to purchase inventory and utilize existing space and equipment.


Make the Best Of What is Ahead

The future will be an opportunity for some and continued difficulty for others that refuse to adapt. 

The food industry for small business owners has been one of the hardest hit and Co-Op Shopper is here to help. 

your online store can offer even more

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Get What You Need

Split Purchase Shopping

Warehouse membership stores such as Costco offer the largest variety of food items providing the best value. Purchasing bulk and multi packaged items lower the per-unit price providing better value. For many, quantities are too large and can eliminate savings if not used and often include "sticker shock" at the register. include "sticker shock" at the register.


Co-Op Shopper Microsites solve the problem with the Group Shopping Organizer. The online form allows family members and friends to organize a shopping list for splitting Costco items. Everyone gets exactly what they need and pay their fair share.

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A Win-Win-Win

Reduce Travel - Minimize Exposure

Your services benefit your community in many ways. In addition to the savings and variety, you reduce exposure to Covid-19 with fewer people shopping. Offering curbside pickup and/or delivery saves others considerable time. Shopping for others means fewer people traveling which helps support our environmental efforts.

The Co-Op Shopper program offers business owners a unique opportunity to stand out in their community with an innovative approach to online grocery shopping. You have complete control of pricing, where you shop (Costco is my favorite), and when you shop. In addition to groceries, CoOp Shopper offers Microsites for additional services.


in-form microsites - take it online 

It all starts with the online grocery order form that is custom built to your needs. Microsites can include a webpage on Co-Op Shopper allowing users quick access with a bookmark on their mobile device.


The examples below (fictitious business) demonstrate the versatility In-Form Microsite order forms offer. 

The standard site includes the following features: 

  • Offering gift cards/food package

  • Take payments other than groceries ordered

  • Shopper guidelines ( video guide coming soon)

  • Minimum purchase requirement

  • Apply store credits

  • Include tip

  • Schedule pickup 

  • Multiple store pricing options

This example includes multiple pickup locations and shoppers. Each shopper displays a bio, locator map, and service area.  The order form allows users to select review locations again and select the pickup location. The "team" scenario has a number of options that could be pursued...

stand out with complementary services

Co-Op Shopper grocery sales participants have the option to include complementary services with the online order forms below. These add-on sites are accessed from your Co-Op Shopper webpage

Make it easy on yourself and select recipes from online sources that you simply link to for instructions and nutritional information. In the examples, I link to allrecipes for each meal offered. You can add a little bit of information about the dish if you like.

For those considering Corporate Catering, this order form plus grocery sales make for a unique program to offer local businesses. Businesses could offer employees a lunch program where sandwiches are made-to-order and delivered at a specified time. It could also include a grocery order program delivered to them at the end of the day. Employees could form shopping groups that split items amongst themselves and increase sales. 

Meal kits are popular and save time for those that don't have the time to shop. The downside is they need to be ordered in advance and include expensive shipping with the risk of spoilage. Your advantage as a food handler is you eliminate shipping, encourage them to buy local, and allow them more flexibility with ordering. 

Microsite orders are sent to you in a  PDF format which can be compiled into a master list for shopping at the store. Microsites allow users to save the order form for a later date, even after submission.

The Group Shopping Organizer can be added to your site to assist those that would like to share Costco items. Co-Op Shopper sites can also include my Event Planner which calculates the cost for each person contributing. These addons are available as a generic form that can be printed, or personalized for your business.

When you've exhausted your ideas...

...maybe it's time to try something new. 

about me

Co-Op Shopper - Empowering Small Business Owners

As a business owner for nearly forty years, I understand the importance of a website and the obstacles involved. I bring my seven-plus years developing the Microsite platform and which started with my online countertop information-sharing program and video guide. The program eliminates the need for anyone to travel for the initial countertop estimate and includes Spanish translation.

During the development of the Microsite platform, I needed to step away from the computer and get my "people fix". I started working at Costco in the Salt Lake area as an outside marketer and that's where I got the idea for Co-Op Shopper, and why I suggest using them.

Let'Build Something Great Together

I am excited to share my expertise with a select group of business owners interested in taking the next step forward. The time couldn't be better to test the market with new ideas that seamlessly integrate with your current efforts.


I am a solopreneur that likes to think out of the box and open to new ideas. I have plenty in the works for Co-Op Shopper and invite you to jump in on the ground floor!

Art Duy
Program Developer

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