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Little Girl at the Grocery Shop


The Answers You Need

Can I test the Co-Op Shopper website before paying the full setup fee?

Yes, your satisfaction is my goal and therefore I make a website sample available to you after the deposit. The sample website is available 24-7 to you or anyone you choose to become familiar with the shopping platform. 

Can I add items to my store other than the Costco items displayed?

Absolutely. You can include any items you like, from whichever store you like.  Taking orders, adding items, changing prices, and putting items on sale can all be done from your phone using the free Wix mobile app.

Is it legal to sell Costco items?

Yes. The company is called Costco Wholesale. Searching the Internet confirms that Costco does not have a problem with the practice of reselling its products. Resellers (retail arbitrage) are widely used on Amazon and by businesses that stock their stores and restaurants with Costco products.

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