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Why waste time shopping and driving for others that set the rules and pay you minimal? Co-Op Shopper gives you the freedom to make your business whatever you want. Take it online with a custom-built website and make it happen.


Work part-time or full-time, the choice is yours.

Co-Op Shopper

Own it - Run it

Your business can be anything you like; big, small, money-grabbing or charitable. Co-Op Shopper can make it happen. 




I Provide All the Tools

Co-Op Shopper is not a franchise or "business opportunity" requiring a substantial up-front fee. I provide the tools you need, suggestions and a platform where professional shoppers can share ideas on the Co-Op Shopper members-only blog.

Online Retailers Makes it Easy

Online retailer Instacart provides the store with everything you need; products, product information, and best of all, high prices. Setting up your Microsite and order form is as easy as e-commerce gets.


Free Co-Op Shopper

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Brick'n Mortar Tech

nothing fancy - just  affordable & effective

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