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pro shopper business opportunity

Start Your Grocery Business for Pickup or Delivery

It's time for change and we're not talking pennies

  • No contract

  • You make the rules

  • Take payments online 

It's Your Business to Run as You Like

Costco grocery delivery platform

Co-Op Shoppers' unique Costco shopping platform opens the door for setting up your concierge grocery delivery service.

  • Payments go directly to you

  • You set your shopping & delivery fees

  • No contracts, requirements or obligations

It's A Win-Win Business

Business experts tell you that if something is going to work, everyone needs to benefit. So, how do we all come out ahead?

Win # 1 - You Have the Ability to Take Control & Build a Business

It's your business to run as you see fit without any hidden fees. Co-Op Shopper provides the platform and grocery shopping lists for clients to send you. You take payments online, set the fees, hours, and make the rules. 

Win # 2 - You Save Clients Money & Give them Better Service

Costco Same Day Delivery pricing leaves room for a delivery fee and tip while saving your clients time and money. Focusing on your client's needs and preferences improves your service and provides them with a comfort level that builds your business through referrals.

Why it Works Explanation

I Shop - You Save

Take Orders Online

Works Well in Any Market 

My Costco


Purchase Groceries

Deliver Groceries

Happy Customer

Your Own Online Store

grocery delivery business opportunity

The new Co-Op Shopper Microsite features Costco's top-selling grocery items with lists sent directly to you. My revised platform will include building lists from items listed on Costco Same-Day.  

start a grocery delivery service

Online stores designed for Pro Shoppers and STR business owners.

Coming Soon!
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