Pre Prepared Meals - Heat at Home

Offer meals are "oven-ready" uncooked options pre-assembled that only need baking, stir-frying or broiling.  Consider one or two meal options for a specific day and allow shoppers to choose portion sizes.


You Can Beat Other Prepared Meal Delivery Services

The prepared meal industry has a lot of big players and with our "new norm," the time has never been better to jump in. All the components are in place and you need only to select the menu and allow Co-Op Shopper to prepare your online ordering system.

Promote Your Strengths & Benefits

Along with online ordering, your Co-Op Shopper website points out why you are the best option for providing prepared meals.

  • Meals are fresh having been assembled within hours of pickup or delivery.

  • Doing business with you support "buy local" and keeps dollars in your community.

  • You offer a more personal service catering to your client's needs.

  • There are no shipping costs and added packaging required to keep food fresh and safe.

  • Your clientele does not have to wait for weekly package deliveries.

  • Plans can be more flexible without requiring weekly or monthly commitments.

  • Meal options can be simpler and designed to exactly what your community is accustomed to.


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