Frequently asked questions

Can Costco items purchased by my shoppers be returned?

Costco has a very liberal return policy, however, items purchased by your shoppers are considered "third party" which voids their return policy. I suggest keeping your store focused on grocery sales as they are less likely returned.

What can I sell on my Microsite?

Microsites can sell anything you like as long as it does not break the law. If so, the site will be terminated.

Are Shopper Microsites sercure?

Yes. Microsites are 256-bit encrypted. You will notice the URL is "https" rather than "http" meaning it is secure.

Can I use my own domain name?

Each Microsite includes a custom URL. The Pro-Plans offer linking your site from a page hosted on Co-Op Shoppers' website which allow your clients to bookmark your site. If you would like your own domain, I would be happy to build the site and add the link to your online store.

Will my plan pricing change later?

No. Early participants will enjoy introductory pricing as long as there is no plan disruption.

What does it cost to make my Microsite multilinual?

It depends on how many languages you would like to include and the amount of content I need to translate. Basic sites adding a single language, such as Spanish, are usually completed within forty-eight hours and cost approximately $50.

How do I determine the "Special Tax" on the shopper order form?

The special tax should include an average of food and non-food items charged by the store(s) you shop. If you like, the tax could also include your payment processor fee.

Can Microsites offer more than food items?

Microsites can sell physical items as well as services, such as the example home improvement site. Microsites are an invaluable tool to businesses that inform and gather information such as the countertop program that eliminates travel for the initial quote. Contact me to discuss how I can help.

Instacart is not offered in my area. How do I access their store?

Instacart is only available in select metropolitan areas within the United States and Canada. Set the zip code to that of a store you will shop that is serviced by Instacart when promted. Include your email and you should have access to stores listed.

What is the "In-Form" logo at the bottom of each Microsite?

In-Form is my branded logo that I use for Co-Op Shopper and future website building sites other than those food related.

Can I set my own pricing for Costco items offered on Instacart?

Yes. You can set your own pricing that will automatically adjust what form users input. Another option is to set up pricing levels for different shoppers. For instance, you may want family members to pay Costco in-store pricing, and a local business you shop for a discount of 20% below what the average shopper pays. These pricing levels are unlimited and added when I set up your Microsite. For those allowing split items on their order form, I can also set a factor that adds a fee for splitting the item. Contact me for more information on setting up your business Microsite.

How long does it take to get my Microsite?

Depending on my workload, and the complexity of your site, usually within two business days.

What items on Instacart can be split?

For those shopping with a group, and coordinate splitting an item within the group, they can split any item they choose. Each Microsite includes a shopper guide to assist them. Your Microsite links to a free generic Grocery Shopping Organizer allowing the group leader to organize split items within the group, and add them to your grocery order form as a single item purchase. The shopping organizer can also be personalized with your contact information, image etc. Other options for splitting items include linking your Instagram account which displays items you allow shoppers to split. These items could include an additional markup as you will have to purchase the entire item and store the rest until sold to another shopper as a split item. Learn more here about splittingh items and group shopping.

How many people can I take shopping with me at Costco?

Costco allows up to two non-members that can shop with you. This is a great opportunity to shop with family and friends and split items with the Grocery Shopping Organizer and get paid in advance of checking out at the store.

Do people shopping on my site need a Costco or Instacart membership ?

No. You save your shoppers the Costco membership fee and 5% penalty fees charged non-members for shopping on the Instacart and Costco websites. These are additional benefits you provide your customers and should be considered when you set your pricing.

Is the setup fee refundable?

No. Setup is straightforward with the template design and information you have provided me. If a mistake is made on my part, I will make the change free of charge. If you would like to make changes to what you have provided me, or to discontinue using Co-Op Shopper, changes to your site will be charged accordingly and leaving the site will not result in a refund. Therefore, I strongly recommend that you are absolutely sure that Co-Op Shopper is right for you by testing your business idea with the free shopper form.

What does the standard $29 setup fee include?

The standard setup fee includes a text area (up to 150 words) for the Microsite title, contact information and brief description. It allows for one image you provide. The dropdown menu displays the shopper guideline option. Your site order form displays pricing but does not allow form submissions or payments. Order forms include a print button for unlimited use. Shopppers can add up to thirty single items. A link to the free Grocery Organizer is included as well. Standard Microsites can be upgraded to include the Co-Op Shopper features you like.

When will I be billed for transactions?

Transactions are billed monthly if over $10. Microsite 3 month plans are billed every 90 days starting from the date your site and URL are turned over to you. Annual plans are billed in the same manner each year. Invoices are sent the following day and due and payable within 2 days to avoid plan interruption.

Is there a minimum age requirement?

Yes. The minimum age is 18 to set up Microsites taking payments. This is the age requirement for setting up your payment processor.

Can Microsites be tracked with analytics?

Yes. I will need your Google Analytics Profile ID and domain. In order to view activity associated with your Microsite, log into Google Analytics account and select your profile. Go to Behavior on the left panel. Next, go to Site Content - All Pages, then look for your Microsite in the table on the right.

Are orders sent me stored anywhere?

Yes. All submissions from your Microsite are sent to a database which allows you 24/7 access. Also, submissions can be sent directly to Google Drive and stored as a spreadsheet. These feature are available with the Pro plans.

Do I get to keep the professional images if I leave the program?

No. Images used are licensed for the Microsite with your URL. If you leave your site, the images remain with Co-Op Shopper to be used again for another site according to the Adobe Stock Guidelines.

Is Co-Op Shopper affiliated with Costco?

No. Co-Op Shopper is not affiliated or endorsed by Costco or Instacart.