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...maybe it's time to get out on your own. 

It's about money - It's about time

Co-Op Shopper is ideal for gig workers looking to break out on their own with minimal investment, big returns and the freedom to run their business as they choose.


For those entrepreneurial spirits ready to venture out on their own.

  • Establish credibility as a business owner

  • Co-Op Shopper listings are your 24/7 marketing agent

  • Position yourself as trustworthy, established and dependable

  • Listed on a grocery shopping platform that sends you shopping lists

Inform - Reflection

take the next step - take it online

Microsite Setup


Introductory Offer

Setup Includes 6 Months Free Microsite Hosting & Listing

0% Commission - You Keep 100%


* PayPal or Square payment processing fees are taken out.

How Co-Op Shopper Listings Work

  • Individuals throughout the US visit our website displaying over 850 Costco of their most popular grocery items.

  • Rather than selling Costco items, our store sends visitors a shopping list of items they've chosen at checkout.

  • Store visitors view our Pro Shopper listings by location and select someone they would like to work with. 

This is where your In-Form Microsite comes in :)

  • Clients connect with you through your site by providing the total amount on their shopping list.

  •  Your website calculates the fee to shop, schedules the delivery, and, depending on their location, calculates a custom delivery fee set by you.

  • Your website collects a deposit in advance (percentage set by you) and collects the balance due before delivery, which includes tip.

Payments Go Directly to You - You Keep 100%


* PayPal or Square payment processing fees are taken out.

Send Your Clients to Get a Free Shopping List

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We can all support each other and grow our community by directing people we shop for to the Co-Op Shopper store. Site visitors view Costco products with in-store pricing and create a free shopping list that is sent to you. We have over 850 items and growing daily!

Six Month Free Hosting & Listing
Don't Miss Out!

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