In-Form Microsites - Affordable Option to Expensive Websites

Websites, more than ever, are a must and usually require a substantial upfront time and money investment. My no-hassle approach is a fraction of the price providing you an online that outperforms most websites. 

In-Form Microsites Unique Features:

  • Multilingual with eight languages available.

  • Perform calculations without third-party apps.

  • Input data and save it for a later date.

  • Print Microsite or save as PDF.

  • 24/7 access to internal transaction database.


Open your own business and make the money you deserve.

In times of uncertainty relying on others for income can be unnerving and often disappointing. The only option of breaking out on your own can be expensive if requiring inventory, equipment, location and website.

With Co-Op Shopper, a small investment opens the opportunity to break into an industry that is more than ever in demand. Professional shopping with a personal touch is new to an industry where big business stifles creativity and turns a blind eye to exceptional performance. 

One Small Investment - Big Returns

  • set you own schedule

  • shop only for the clients you choose

  • it's your business to grow at a pace that fits your lifestyle 

  • open your business with minimal up-front investment and overhead

Co-Shopper Microsites Built for You Starting at:



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nothing fancy - just  affordable & effective

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