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Microsites Custom Built for a Variety of Services

In-Form Microsites are available for a variety of services with each custom built to your needs. In addition to Co-Op Shopper Microsites, I specialize in building trades and personal care.


Mix-and-match features you like for a custom site that performs better than websites costing thousands of dollars. My no-hassle approach to website design allows you to take your time with setup (no login required) and contact me when you are ready to go. Available on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Co-Op Shopper - Pro Shopper

Microsite features can include:

  • Co-Op Shopper video guide 

  • Instacart banner and link

  • Home - Details about you and your service

  • Contact information and image of your choice

  • Take payments online for additional services / invoicing

  • File uploader for taking shopping lists online

Pro Shopper Microsites are ideal for those looking to start their own shopping and delivery service. The shopper app collects payments online and allows you to set your own pricing. 

Co-Op Shopper - Pro Shopper & Delivery

Microsites features can include:

  • ​Delivery / Shuttle service scheduling

  • Business hours - service area map

  • Include a tip - offered at checkout

  • Set up minimum purchase requirements

  • Include testimonials and CTA (call to action) banners

Microsites can include features that would otherwise cost thousands of dollars with conventional website development. Instagram integration allows you real-time communication with site visitors keeping them up to date with services offered. Advanced Microsites require a bit of planning which I can assist with a free consultation

Co-Op Shopper - Provide Meals for Others

Microsite features can include:

  • ​Pickup scheduling

  • Business hours - service area map

  • Offer discounts with coupon codes

  • Include tip at checkout

Designed for small restaurant owners looking for an affordable alternative to online food ordering services taking a large share of the tab. Requires a menu that I integrate into your Microsite ordering form that can include your food images posted on Instagram or Pinterest.  Online ordering with advance scheduling and curbside pickup is available.  

Co-Op Shopper - Open Your Own Store

Microsite features can include:

  • Sell anything you like online

  • Offer unlimited items on Instagram

  • Database with detailed transactions 24/7

  • Locator map with driving directions

  • SSL secure shopping - Free mobile configuration

Microsites allow you to sell anything you like online. The format is simple and only requires you to add items and services you would like to sell posted on Instagram. Simply, include an item image, title, and price. Viewers include the information on your order form to complete the purchase. Your online store calculates tax, can include coupons, delivery or pickup scheduling and more. In-Form Microsites also include an internal database of detail transactions with 24/7 access.  


For those entrepreneurial spirits ready to venture out on their own.

  • establish credibility as a business

  • microsites are your 24/7 assistant that informs 

  • get paid in advance for services and  in-home quotes

  • position yourself as trustworthy, established and dependable


Setup allows you to add the features you like with real-time pricing. View the templates below display and mix-and-match any feature you like. Microsites are also available bilingual in up to six languages.

Home Repair 1

Microsite features include:

  • Home & About sections

  • Custom Microsite banner header

  • Online payments

  • Showroom locator map

  • Testimonials

  • Service area map, hours and scheduling

  • File uploader

  • Banner style selection buttons

Home Repair 2

Microsite features include:

  • Drop-down menu

  • Services images

  • Project gallery images

  • FAQ section

  • Testimonial banners with images

  • Standard form style selection buttons

Countertops - Cabinets

Microsite features include:

  • Online countertop information sharing app

  • Showroom locator map

  • Service banner with image

  • Testimonial banner with image

  • Microsite login and internal database

Sales Team

Microsite features include:

  • Dropdown menu

  • Present sales staff

  • Showroom locator map

  • Individual staff member bios/contact information

  • Scheduling appointments by a staff member

Home Cleaning

Microsite features include:

  • Service banners

  • Gift card sales

  • Service categories with variable pricing within each category

  • Downloadable rate sheet

  • Coupon codes

  • Services pricing plans

  • Invoice payments 

  • Include tips

In-Form Microsites Out-Perform Most Websites 


Built For You - Starting @ $49


empowering working professionals and entrepreneurial spirits