Make the Best Of What is Ahead

The "new normal" is an opportunity for some and continued difficulty for others that refuse to adapt. 

The food industry, both prepared meals, and grocers are some of the hardest hit with changes in the world. Co-Op Shopper offers both businesses and individuals affordable options to weather the storm.

Time to Rethink Your Business or Start Anew



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Expand Your Business

Caterers - Restaurants - Food Trucks

Small business owners open to new ideas have an opportunity to expand when most are struggling to stay open. 


Co-Op Shopper makes it easy to add online grocery shopping and food-related services to your business with minimal time and financial investment. You have all the tools at hand and I provide the online platform that sets your business apart. Your community can enjoy the benefits of shopping warehouse grocery retailers Costco and Sams Club online for savings and variety.

Start a Business

Minimal Investment - No Commitments

Co-OP Shopper makes it easier than ever for anyone to open their own online business. Professional grocery shopping is in demand and will be part of our new culture.  


Both rural or metropolitan markets offer opportunities for entrepreneurial spirits and Co-Op Shopper makes it easier than ever to start. The time has never been better and those first to open can grab attention with an evolving market that's sure to meet the needs of what's ahead. 

Food Handlers - Opportunities Abound

Take the Lead in Your Market

Co-Op Shopper is excited to release the All-in-One Microsite bundling a variety of food services into a single platform taking orders online. All-in-One is custom built to your specifications with budget in mind and performance a priority. 


Choose the entire repertoire of services or just the ones that suit your needs and marketplace.

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All-in-One Can Do it All

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