Group Shopper - Take the Lead and Shop for Friends & Family

In-Store shopping can save 20% or more over shopping online, plus a larger variety to choose from. Even greater savings are realized in bulk shopping membership stores such as Sams Club and Costco. Invite others to shop (Costco allows up to two non-members) and split bulk packaged items for even more savings.

Save Over 20% on Groceries

Co-Op Shopper - Split Purchases with Friends & Family



Savings are only realized when food is not wasted. Studies show bulk warehouse shoppers waste a higher percentage as "impulse" buying leads to purchasing more than needed.


Warehouse bulk shopping is almost always lower when comparing per-unit pricing. The Co-Op shopper split purchase app allows items to be divided into portions that work best for you.


Group Shoppers Have More Fun

Make shopping an event to look forward to. Set a date to take a friend, family member or co-workers on a shopping spree and enjoy the savings and good times. 

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Free Co-Op Shopper

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