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Thanksgiving Dinner

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The shopper organizer calculates the cost of splitting items that you would like to share with others. Additionally, my organizer can calculate your shopping list if planning an event that others will financially contribute. 


Don't Overpay

Shop Online - Pay In-Store Prices

Shop the Instacart platform, pay in-store prices and eliminate the hidden fees. The Co-Op grocery organizer adjusts pricing in real-time so everyone can pay their fair share. Print your shopping list or share it with others within your group.


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Savings are only realized when food is not wasted. Studies show bulk warehouse shoppers waste a higher percentage as "impulse" buying leads to purchasing more than needed.


Warehouse bulk shopping is almost always lower when comparing per-unit pricing. The Co-Op shopper split purchase app allows items to be divided into portions that work best for you.

BEAT OVERSPENDING & Membership fees