Include Online Grocery Sales - Add to Your Bottom Line

Enjoy additional income with minimal investment or disruption to your current business model. Co-Op Shopper Microsites sets up your online grocery store starting at $99 with potential profits over 20%. No inventory purchasing as your online grocery store only accepts prepaid orders for delivery and curbside pickup. 


Costco and

Sams Club Savings 

Little, if Any, Changes to Your Current Operation

Yes, a bit of travel to the nearest warehouse retailer will be needed. If within two hours, the trip can easily be worth it.

Consider setting a day every week that you make the trip. Set a deadline for online orders to be submitted and enjoy the ride and shopping. For those near Costco "Business Centers", such as Salt Lake City (worlds largest Costco), you have access to an additional 4,000 items not offered at other stores, plus opening at 7 am. 

Co-Op Shopper members have 24/7 access to in-store pricing on items available in the Salt Lake Costco Business Center (pricing is nearly the same in most Costcos).

Everyone Benefits

  • Offer delivery or curbside pickup.

  • Keep others safe with social distancing.

  • Costco/Sams Club pricing is below most food distributors.

  • Shop sales and store non-perishable items to be sold at a later time.

  • Costco business centers (17 in the United States) offer multipack snacks for resale.

  • Split bulk packaged items for additional savings and providing your shoppers with what they need.

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