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Free Grocery Shopping Platform

It's time for change and we're not talking pennies

  • $0 Setup fee

  • $0 Plaform  fee

  • 0% Commission

  • You make the rules

  • You keep 100% of the cash

How and Why Our Grocery Shopping Platform Works

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Co-Op Shoppers' partner website is an online store currently displaying over 850 Costco grocery items found in most locations. Unlike typical online stores, our store,, does not sell grocery items but rather emails visitors free grocery lists at checkout with items they have selected.

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Our online store is available to everyone and will list pro shoppers by location and encourage website visitors to connect with them for grocery delivery. For pro shoppers, or those working other gigs and considering that avenue, this is a perfect opportunity to give it a try.

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Let's Get Started
  1. If you haven't already, start making a list of people you deliver to. You know the good and the bad and whom to avoid.

  2. Let your potential clients know about our online store and how they can get a shopping list with Costco in-store pricing and that you would shop for them for a specified fee.

  3. Agree on how much of a shopping deposit is required using Venmo or Zelle to transfer funds, as well as when you are available.

  4. Upon completion of shopping send a photocopy of the receipt and include your fee.

  5. Deliveries are completed upon final payment.

It's A Win-Win-Win Situation

Business experts will tell you that if something is going to work, everyone has to benefit. So, how do we all come out ahead?

Win # 1 - You Have the Ability to Take Control & Build a Business

It's your business to run as you see fit without any fees on our part. Co-Op Shopper provides the platform and free grocery shopping lists for clients to send you. You set the fees, and hours, make the rules and take 100% of each transaction.

Win # 2 - You Save Clients Money & Give them Better Service

The markup on Costco Same Day Delivery (Instacart) is approximately twenty-five percent which leaves you room for a nice fee and tip while saving your clients time and money. Because you will learn and understand your client's needs, you're able to provide them with better service and a comfort level knowing you are looking after their best interest.

Win # 3 - You Help Support Our Platform

We are just getting started and your sending shoppers to our partner website, for grocery lists gives us the exposure we need to keep our platform moving forward. 

We're Here to Help You Grow

We are team oriented and want this to be a platform that we can all be proud of. We encourage you to test the water with our free offer and if you are ready to take it to the next level, we have plenty to offer!

  • Get listed where shoppers are looking

  • In-Form Microsites - Take payments online & scheduling

  • Open a store of your own - Include your products and pricing

Let's Build Something Great Together

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