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Food Blog with Unmatched Features

Stand Out - Get Found

Give visitors something talk about

Finally, a blog platform that is sleek, easy to manage, and the first and only to include a store starting with over 850 Costco items.


Blog for fun, profit, or to showcase your talent. If you love cooking and have a knack for writing, the Co-Op Shopper blog platform is the place to start. 

For those already food blogging, linking your Co-Op Shopper blog takes you to a whole new level!

People love Costco - Let's talk it up!

Blogging makes cooking even more fun

Cooking Together

Turn up the heat and take center stage with your cooking skills and tips that make your dishes stand out. With Costco shopping as the foundation, there is plenty to talk about.

  • Reference products in your online store you like.

  • Help site visitors with shopping lists generated from items you display.

  • Include any Costco items you like in your blog.

  • Your blog displays in-store pricing so visitors have a good idea of what they will spend.

Cooking Class
Your Chance to Show Off Your Talent

It's All About Website Traffic

Food blogging for a living or a side hustle is dependent on getting visitors to your site. The Co-Op Shopper grocery platform, unlike any other, offers visitors a unique experience with free Costco grocery lists that are icing on your cake. Offer site visitors free grocery shopping lists, build groups around common interests and launch email marketing campaigns. 

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- Introductory Offer -

setup starting at:


  • Website SEO

  • Indexed with Google

  • Start with 32 website pages 

  • Site member and group setup

  • Start with over 850 Costco items

  • Free pro images from the Wix gallery

  • Choose from a variety of color and text design options

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Already a Food Blogger?

Take it to a new level either switching over or linking your Co-Op Shopper blog from your site. Bringing Costco grocery shopping into the picture offers plenty to talk about...


Setup can include importing up to 4,000 posts from WordPress without disruption to your current site.

Limited Participation

This is an opportunity your don't want to miss!

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