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Add Online Grocery Sales


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Start your own online grocery supermarket in any size market with minimal investment for setting up your business. No need to worry about inventory as orders are prepaid with pricing set by you. Ideal for current business owners or those starting anew.


...Start taking orders online

Your Co-Op Shopper online supermarket takes prepaid orders for Costco items you choose to be listed on your site with shopping requirements set by you offering curbside pickup and/or delivery. You grocery supermarket requires less equipment, no additional employees and minimal space. Payments go directly to you with Co-Op Shopper  assisting you with online support.

Vendor with products

Business Blend 


For those already committed to running their business, adding online grocery sales is easy to do requiring minimal space, investment and added to your website with a single link.


For many, you are ahead of the game with a clientele that knows and trusts you. You have the storefront, space, food prep area and equipment. It's only a matter of takeing the next step with a service that will be welcomed in your community.

Take a New Path


A "new path" does not always mean abandoning what you've already built. With Co-Op Shopper it means lateral thinking with what you have and where you would like to go.

Your "new path" could be a better path - owning a business with a variation on how you handle work, what you offer, and most importantly what you can achieve.