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Retain and Draw New Employees

Corporate Grocery Shopping Program

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Take a load off employees with a shopping program that has groceries ready for pickup at the end of the workday. 

Team up with a local caterer or provide your own in-house shopper that takes prepaid grocery orders online delivered to your location.

Custom-built online supermarket

Each Co-Op Shopper online suppermarket starts with over five hundred Costco grocery items with pricing set by you. Your store has all the features found with major grocery retailers plus a few extras so employees can get exactly what they need.

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Drive-through Groceries

Conquer the cost of bulk and multipack shopping at Costco

Many employees are faced with challenges when having to purchase at warehouse stores such as Costco.

Waste and the price of bulk and multipack items are the two that Co-Op Shopper addresses with it's split item organizer form included with each store. 

Breakroom & Cafeteria Restocking 

Your personal online grocery store makes it easy to include shopping for items to keep your breakroom and cafeteria well stocked. Why pay others for a service that seamlessly integrates with your employee grocery program.