...maybe it's time to get out on your own. 

It's about money - It's about time

Co-Op Shopper is ideal for gig workers looking to break out on their own with minimal investment, big returns and the freedom to run their business as they choose.

Open Your Own Online Grocery Sales & Delivery Service

you have

  • take payments online

  • set price & fees

  • when to shop

  • where to shop

  • what to sell

  • your business - your rules

  • add items you like

complete control


Offer Costco Items with Added Features

Online Store Setup:



We've taken grocery shopping to a new level

Included with each Co-Op Shopper Supermarket are custom-built forms for ordering items not listed in your store, a grocery shopping organizer, offering gift cards, and including tips. For those willing to step out a bit further, stores can also include split item shopping on Costco multipack items you choose.

Drive-through Groceries