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The Answers You Need

What if I am not satisfied with my Microsite?

Your satisfaction is my goal and if for some reason your In-Form Microsite does not meet your expectations, there is no binding contract or commitment. A refund for plan hosting will be sent back to you within ten business days.

Are there any benefits for first-time customers?

Absolutely. I am offering early participants plans with a reduced 1.5% sales commission and 35% off setup fees. Most importantly, there is very limited participation and space will fill up quickly. 

Can I shop other than Costco & Sams Club?

Yes, you can shop at any store you like. I tend to lean towards stores that offer bulk and multipack items, such as Costco and Sams Club. These stores provide the best value and highest potential profit for professional shoppers using the Instacart platform. 

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