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Little Girl at the Grocery Shop

Open Your Co-Op Shopper Business


Are Prices the Same as In-Store Pricing?

Co-Op Shopper is located in northern Utah and the pricing displayed is gathered from Costco stores in our area. For the most part, pricing is close throughout the contiguous United States. We constantly monitor pricing and update stores accordingly.  

Why Do I Need to Provide My Email?

Your email address is required to send you your free shopping list. Completing the steps at "checkout" sends you the list and records the "transaction" in your member account. Your information is not sold or shared with anyone else as per our policies

How Many Costco Grocery Items Are Listed?

Currently, the Co-Op Shopper store includes over 1,000 Costo grocery items and growing. Items displayed are available in most US locations. Our grocery organizer allows you to add items not displayed on our store that you would like added to your shopping list.

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