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Ski Lodge

Pre-Arrival Grocery Stocking - Utah Vacation Rentals

Park City  - A Modern-Day Gold Mine Ripe for Development 


Opportunity is On the Horizon

Worlds Largest Costco - Best of Both Worlds

Unique Costco Shopping Hours:

  • Mon-Fri. 07:00AM - 08:30PM
    Sat. 09:30AM - 06:00PM
    Sun. 10:00AM - 06:00PM

Transparent Shopper Right.png

Early morning start to fill orders and a selection that includes both warehouse and business center items (approximately 4,000 more) make this an ideal location.

Tailored Shopping Experience

Mountain Bikers

Shopping Costco provides the best value with bulk and multipack shopping.  

Young Skier

Locals and Outlying Areas Would Enjoy the Convenience

A Park City location for organizing grocery delivery to rental properties could also service nearby rural communities, business owners, and pickup for locals ordering online.

Co-Op Shopper stores are the only to offer split-item shopping where an *inventory could be offered to walk-in shoppers. 

*Inventory does not need to be more than the multipack less one. 

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