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Add a Taste of Costco in Any Size Market

Costco, in my opinion, offers the best opportunities for grocery shopping and business development using the Co-Op Shopper platform. It's all about bulk and multi packaging that lends itself to creating the best value, however, comes with drawbacks; possible waste, membership fees, and overspending. For larger families with substantial income, these may not be issues. For others, and those in rural markets, the benefits of shopping at Costco are out of reach.

How and Why It Works

Co-Op Shopper provides you with an online grocery store offering Costco items at the price you would like. Your clientele selects and prepays you for the items they would like you to purchase for them. Unlike other shopping apps, you take the payment and set the rules. Co-Op Shopper helps manages your website according to the plan selected

What makes your Co-Op Shopper platform stand out is the online grocery organizer helping shoppers share the cost of bulk and multipack items with family and friends. Store owners willing to step out with a small inventory investment can select Costco multipack items to be split while shopping on their website so everyone gets exactly what they need.

Co-Op Shopper Online Forms

Offer a Unique Shopping Experience

To facilitate the process of sharing the cost of food with others my grocery organizer performs the calculations and provides the documentation for your clients. Your Co-Op Shopper store comes complete with a variety of additional forms that allow shoppers to include tips, make payments outside of the shopping cart and requesting items not listed in your store. 

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Customize Your Store

Add Your Own Items

Co-Op Shopper online stores are all about food and we welcome catererers, restaurant owners and grocers to include their own food items. Products are easily added and managed by you with the websites mobile app 24/7 without additional fees.

Limited Participation

Jump in on the ground floor as participation is limited to a select group of business owners and those looking to venture out on their own.

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