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End-of-Workday Onsite Grocery Pickup

co-op shopper grocery store

Change is On the Horizon...

Add to your bottom line with an innovative approach to catering.

  • Down-time is shopping time to fill orders

  • Consistent service with corporate accounts

  • Schedule multiple locations with once-a-week grocery pickup

...and the road is wide open.

Groceries and Catering - The Perfect Business Blend

Caterers are in an ideal position to offer a service that many businesses would welcome. 

  • Licensed for food handling and creating custom grocery orders

  • Include meal kit packaging with Costco grocery orders

  • Lunch service with end-of-workday grocery pickup

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Pre-Prepared Meals - Worth Consideration

costco online grocery sales

The Right Product at the Right Time

The only thing better than ending a workday with grocery pickup is dinner prepared and ready to place in the oven. Having extra time to relax in the evening and spend with family is something everyone would enjoy.

You hold the key and those including a food ordering Microsite opens the door for expanding your business. 

Custom Built Food Ordering Microsites

co-op shopper grocery store
co-op shopper grocery store
co-op shopper grocery store
co-op shopper grocery store

Why Pre-Prepared Meals are the Best Option

For those starting anew, and caterers open to new ideas, pre-prepared meals are worth consideration.

  • Most meals are easy to prepare and store

  • Minimal cooking equipment in your truck or trailer

  • You know what to buy and can prepare well in advance

  • Pre-prepared meal orders are paid and planned in advance

  • Start your day cooking and fill mid-day with grocery shopping 

co-op shopper grocery store

Co-Op Shopper

co-op shopper grocery store

Innovative Ideas 

co-op shopper grocery store

Grow Your Business

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