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Art Duy - Co-Op Shopper Owner & Founder


My support staff.

I Look Forward to Working with You

I am excited about my new venture and look forward to adding even more services as it progresses. My background includes over thirty-five years as a California and Utah general contractor and countertop business owner.


Perhaps not the background you expected so an explanation is in order... 

The recession of 2008 changed the course of things and I turned my efforts to developing an online countertop information-sharing program I felt lacking in the industry. After years of learning how to write the program and building the website to launch it, I was faced with a strong economy and countertop dealers too busy to embrace the concept... and that's when my focus changed.

Nearly Four Years as a Costco Marketer...

During my learning years I started working as a CDS employee handing out food samples at the nearby Costco. Then I marketed for a company selling a water delivery service at Costco and finally marketing furnaces, water heaters and water treatment systems at Costco. Prior to releasing Co-Op Shopper, I was moved to Home Depot as a marketer, which I hope will be short term...


Interesting What I Saw...

Standing near the exit door at the Salt Lake City Costco, I noticed shoppers going out with large orange flatbeds filled with the same items; hundreds of them. I started asking questions and they shared with me about selling online with Amazon. Next, were the businesses buying at Costco that said they were saving considerable money shopping there rather than local food distributors such as Sysco and Nickolas. 

It Finally Hit Me...

Talking with disgruntled Instacart shoppers heading out the door started me researching the numbers and realizing people shopping Instacart and Amazon were paying a fortune; easily 25% and more. That's a substantial profit potential when considering the risk involved, ease of entry and virtually no overhead. 


While still employed as a Costco marketer, I shifted my efforts to building the Co-Op Shopper app and website. Early April 2020 marks the opening and your opportunity to break out on your own with a whole new approach to online grocery shopping and delivery. Myself, I hope to start working from home and serving you.


I look forward to what's ahead and all of us building something great together!