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Food and Drink

give shoppers buying options


Divide and Conquer


Savings are only realized when food is not wasted. Studies show purchasing bulk and multipack items often result in a higher percentage of waste as "impulse" buying leads to purchasing more than needed. 


Warehouse grocery shopping offers better value when comparing per-unit pricing at most other stores. Setting up your Co-Op shopper store can include splitting multipack items so everyone gets exactly what they need.  


Split Multipacks - Increase Profits

Eliminate sticker shock at checkout with split-item shopping so everyone gets what they need. Costco is noted for multi-packaging and for some, it's just too much. Co-Op shopper stores can gradually phase in your program with the items and pricing you choose. 

Get Creative with Your Store

Sell More with Bundling

On the flip side of splitting items, you have businesses or groups that may purchase more if offered a discount. Setting up your store for bundling and splitting items is easy to do with the Co-Op Shopper product database included with setup.

You Choose What to Bundle & When to Sell

Co-Op Shopper is always available to assist with setting up combinations of items you would like providing images and pricing analysis software. Holidays and gift baskets offer the best opportunities for sales and adding to your bottom line.

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If You Like Shopping - You'll Love Co-Op Shopper

something for everyone...


grocery store - pickup

online sales - shipping 

grocery delivery

food trucks - catering

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...with a plan to match

For those entrepreneurial spirits ready to take the next step...

  • Catering - expand your business with grocery sales

  • Rural markets - stand out in your community with Costco products

  • Corporate - end of the workday onsite grocery pickup program

  • Retirement Communities - add an online grocery store to list of amenities

  • Resort - ideal for vacation rentals such as house boating & camping

...the opportunities are only limited by your imagination and desire

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