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Jan's Diner is taking a step forward to meet the needs of those in our community looking to expand their food selections, as well as meeting the challenges of rising food costs. That said, Jan's Diner is proud to now offer online grocery shopping on our new website available for pickup or delivery. 

Our Commitment

Our commitment to providing you the best value starts with shopping at Costco and incorporating new ideas that help ensure we meet our value proposition. Additionally, we are excited to include the Co-Op Shopper grocery organizer simplifying cost sharing with others for everday needs and special events.

Delivering Value
Every Day at a Time

We litterally go the extra mile to provide you the best value. Our online grocery ordering service makes it easy to enjoy the benefits of shopping Costco without the hassle of travel, long lines and membership. Our online store inlcudes many popular Costco items and we are happy include others we missed with our special order program. 

Innovative Approach to Grocery Shopping

We take advantage of technology offered today that supports our value commitment with the introduction of "split item ordering" of Costco multipack items. Multipackaging offers the best value, but comes with the challenge of overspending and waste. Our innovative approach solves the problem and gives everyone exactly what they need.

Supporting Local Business

Jan's is locally owned and 100% responsible for making sure you are totally satisfied. My reputation as a business owner is on the line and that is why we have a dedicated team of professionals who select the freshest items and search for the best value. Your support employs locally, keeps tax dollars in our community, and helps make our dream come true.

Our Team

We are dedicated and eager to make your shopping experience unique by providing you with unmatched service and products otherwise not available. As a full-service food provider, we encourage you to drop in and get acquainted with our staff and grab a bite to eat. 

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