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Art Duy, owner/founder of Co-Op Shopper offers an affordable alternative to expensive website design and hosting. Art is a single owner-operator that builds each site to suit your business needs.

Co-Op Shopper was started months before Coronavirus appeared as an alternative for professional shoppers and delivery workers to break out on their own. This hard-working group is stifled by large corporations that do not allow, promote, or compensate workers' creativity and going the extra mile.


The Co-Op Shopper online ordering platform focuses on warehouse retailers Sams Club and Costco as I feel they provide the best value for grocery purchasing.


Many however have concerns about shopping these retailers such as bulk sizes, impulse buying resulting in larger than anticipated bills, and membership fees. 

Group purchasing and splitting items are easily achieved with the Co-Op Shopper ordering form and allow everyone to take advantage of the savings available. Waste is eliminated and everyone gets exactly what is needed. Everyone also benefits from reduced social exposure and saving time required for travel, standing in line, and shopping.

I Look Forward to Working with You

My hope is to start a trend towards professional shoppers and drivers taking the lead and opening their own businesses by providing them the tools neede. Workers that bring their talents forward, will move their business forward. Innovation, hard work, and caring for others can hopefully resurface and be rewarded with the satisfaction of knowing you made the world a bit safer and better for all of us. 

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